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Protective System Engineering Optimisation
AFT is able to work with the armour & aerospace industry to maximise the benefits of AuTx fibre / yarn based materials. AuTx materials are available in woven and non-woven, laminated and composite form. Based on a client’s protection requirement our armour engineers can develop the lightest solutions possible to defeat a wide spectrum of physical threats in accordance with a range of test protocols and standards.
Hybridisation & Value Engineering
Depending on the performance and price target that a client has Advanced Protection Technology is able to hybridise / blend AuTx with other materials to reduce cost. Depending on the threat & standard. Hybridisation includes the use of other aramids such as Heracron, Kevlar & Twaron, HMWPE such as Dyneema & Spectra, Polypropylene such as Tegris and metallic materials.

Supply Chain Management & Quality Control
Stability as well as the performance of materials used in protective systems and garments is critical. Quality controls include yarn batch testing at the bobbin stage, in-house testing of fabric strength at the production stage by non destructive and destructive means, and independent destructive batch testing in accordance with clients requirements post production.