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AuTx, Body Armour & Personal Protective Apparel & Equipment

The Worlds Lightest armour systems – providing resistance to bullet, fragment, spike, knife & needle threats. The AuTx team have considerable know how and experience in developing advanced armour and structural composite solutions from AuTx. The AuTx team have worked extensively with governments and major international brands to provide materials and develop protective systems. AuTx fabrics are now in service in a wide range of the lightest protective garments manufactured by the worlds leading body armour companies.


AuTx is a material that is based on the extensively tested and proven in service family of terpolymer aramide fibres / yarns produced by Kamenskvolokno JSC in Russia. It has exceptional high properties such as tensile & dynamic strength, modulus & elasticity, thermal & environmental resistance, etc. compared with other polymers. These properties can be modified to produce a yarn that is “optimized” for specific applications such as composites, soft armour, fire resistant clothing, etc. AuTx fabrics are woven and processed using a number of patented and proprietary processes that give them exceptional energy absorption and resistance to penetration.