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Supply Chain

The supply chain for AuTx is a tried, tested and rigorously quality controlled.


Alchemie was founded in 2000. The business focuses on developing and commercializing Russian technology, specifically high strength materials that are stronger then those available outside Russia. This includes aramid polymers, carbon fibers, multi component ceramics, glass, titanium and aluminum. Through its engineering expertise Alchemie improves safety whilst reducing the mass carried by military and law enforcement personnel. In addition to the AuTx fiber development, Alchemie has proprietary intellectual property that greatly increases fragment and hard cored bullet resistance of its AuTx armor systems through weaving, textile treatments and composites.


Kamenskvolokno was founded in the 1940’s to produce advanced fibers. In the 1970’s they started commercial production of aramid polymer based fibers and in the 1990’s put into production a family of “next generation” advanced aramids, sopolyaramids. In the last ten years this family of sopolyaramids was differentiated with fibers being produced for specific applications, including: high dynamic strength ones for resisting fragments and bullets together with high modulus fibers for structural composites.

Rachmanovsky Silk Factory

Founded over 140 years ago and today has over 500 weaving looms where fine filament synthetic yarns and high quality silks are woven.

Since 2011 the supply chain includes a number of leading companies in Europe that have become AuTx “Value Adding Partners” including:
Coats Plc as the trim partner developing: sewing threads, tapes, cords, tubes and zippers.
Citterio in Italy developing a range of ballistic solutions from AuTx involving lamination and impregnation.
Intersock in Italy developing seamless socks.
Mayafil in France developing a range of knitted textiles for protective apparel and composites.
S.A. Grober in Spain producing elasticated tapes, cords and drive belts.
Vanners in England weaving a range of AuTx textiles.
JMI Group in the USA developing seamless knitted gloves.