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The Commercial Team

Chris Key – AuTx Chairman

Chris has extensive global corporate experience. He left Unilever in 2010 after 30 years, 17 overseas that included Regional Chairman of Russia/CIS and then Middle East and Africa where he oversaw strategic and operational management of Unilevers regional operations. Chris has deep understanding and experience of international business operations, management practices and corporate governance. Chris is a Chartered Management Accountant (ACMA) and received his MBA from Columbia Business School in 2003. Over the last 2 years Chris has become involved in investor relations, strategic planning and operating systems of the AuTx business.

Haslen Back – Alchemie Chief Executive Officer
 As one of the founders in 1999 of Alchemie, Haslen identified the portfolio of Russian high strength materials technologies that are being developed and commercialized. Haslen after being commissioned as an officer from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst served in the Royal Anglian Regiment as an infantry officer. Service as a platoon commander took him to Northern Ireland, Germany “BAOR”, Hong Kong, Brunei and into Gulf War 1. Haslen has a wide range of management and commercial skills that are combined with first hand experience of some of the applications of the technologies as a previous user in his military service. As a former infantry officer he is leading the drive to reduce mass of the protective apparel & equipment soldiers are required to carry by using Alchemie’s unique materials technologies, including AuTx.

Vladimir Lakunin – Managing Director of Kamenskvolokno.

Vladimir Lakunin was appointed by the shareholders and Kamensk City administration as the managing director of Kamenskvolokno in 1991 to rescue the enterprise after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Vladimir restructured the business and has lead a team of over two thousand people to build a solid, profitable and developing business that has successfully diversified from being a fiber supplier to the Russian defense, atomic energy and space agencies. Diversification included developing export markets and commercial markets for its original copolyaramids as well as investing in production plants for polyethylene and polypropylene fibers. Against the trend for producing lower and lower initial cost engineering fibers, Vladimir saw that this route was not the way forwards for a specialist fiber manufacturer. Instead Kamenskvolokno invested into putting sopolyaramid fibres into production, with increased performance that give end users better “through life value” and other strategic benefits. Since meeting in 2002, Vladimir has worked with Haslen Back to develop state of the art materials and solutions that offer significantly higher performance then those made from copolyaramids, giving superior “through life” economic and strategic benefits.

Mike Fish – AuTx Customer Relationship Manager

Mike has spent twenty years in the Personal Protective Equipment industry; having worked for multinationals including; Second Chance AHI, BAE Systems Products Group, API, and Sioen Armour Technology. Mike has extensive knowledge of the personal protective apparel & load carriage equipment markets and knows the importance of understanding their supply chains. Mike is responsible for developing relations with key customers and supporting the technical team in their work in assisting clients to obtain the maximum benefit from their use of AuTx.

Graham James – Chairman of Advanced Protection Technologies

Graham has been Chairman of Advanced Protection Technologies for 8 years, the Alchemie division that leads the drive to reduce mass of professional protective apparel & equipment by using Alchemie’s unique materials technologies, including AuTx. Graham is a former Deputy Assistant Commissioner with the UK Metropolitan Police where he oversaw a range of strategic and tactical operational issues, including risk assessment and Police Officer protection. Outside of the Police Service he has extensive experience across the public sector. He was the Operations Director of the UK Immigration Service where he was responsible for all enforcement activity within the UK and for all Ports of Entry into the UK. He was one of the authors and drivers for the Global Strategy on Immigration issues alongside the US, Canada and Australia Control Authorities. More recently he was the Head of Operational Finance across the UK Headquarters and global network of the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, including all Embassies and Consulates. Graham has been retained by some of the global defence and IT Companies as a Subject Matter Expert on policing, immigration and counter-terrorism. He also has a detailed knowledge and experience of major EU and US government contracting as well as the financial advantages of supplying lighter protective solutions. He holds an MBA from Warwick University and a Masters Degree in Applied Criminology from Cambridge University.

Peter Varnish, FREng, O.B.E. – Defence Sector Strategy Advisor

Peter Varnish is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering and is a world-renowned expert on Stealth and Electronic warfare. He has spoken on platform survivability around the world and he has been Alchemie’s senior advisor for 9 years in its defense related markets, with a special focus on soldier survivability emphasizing the potential through the use of high performance materials. Peter began his career with the Royal Navy Scientific Service in 1968 and after 33 years in HM Government Service he retired from the board of the Defence Evaluation and Research Agency, (now QinetiQ and [DSTL]) and he has since served on the UK Defence Scientific Advisory Board. In January 1993 Peter was appointed as the Director General of the UK Ballistic Missile Defence Agency, MoD, London. He supervised all scientific and technical co-operations with the US on the SDI program, and represented the UK at NATO. His knowledge of International Defence and Internal Security is extensive, and in December 2007 he chaired the ISNR Conference and Exhibition held jointly with the US Department of Homeland Defense and the UK Home Office. 
Peter was awarded the OBE in 1982 for his contribution to the Falklands War. In !992 Peter was at the Royal College of Defence Studies where her majored in Defence Technology. His PhD thesis was entitled ‘Electronic Bombarded Semiconductor Devices’.