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The Technology

AuTx® fibre was developed by Kamenskvolokno in a joint R&D program with the Alchemie Group. The programs aim is to create optimised fragment, highly penetrative bullet, knife & spike resistant materials based on the terpolyaramide family of fibres/yarns produced by Kamenskvolokno.

Alchemie Group’s proprietary  technology includes exclusive rights to the fibre sales, as well as textile design & engineering including: weaving, textile treatments and protective solutions.Testing in accordance with international and key client standards and data analysis. The requirements for optimised AuTx® fibre/yarn include: chemical structure, filament diameter & count, processing regimes, twist factor, etc.

AuTx® fibre/yarn is produced on a commercial scale in accordance with international standards, as well as key client specific requirements, under the supervision of, and exclusively for, Alchemie Group ( Alchemie produces a large variety of specialist materials for resisting a wide range of threats including: fragments, bullets, knives, spikes, needles, etc. under the fibre/yarn and material brand AuTx® .

AuTx® fibre/yarn has similar chemical properties to other aramid fibres produced by Kamenskvolokno of the same family as Ruslan® & Artec® where the reliability has been proven through years of testing and in-service use with a number of the worlds leading military and aerospace organisations.

AuTx® fibre/yarn based ballistic materials and solutions are the ultimate materials to use for protective solutions where the lowest weights are required. For military requirements the AuTx fragmentation protection solutions offer mass reductions up to 50% in comparison with the highest performance para-aramid materials for body armour and helmets.